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League Info

Our leagues typically last 8 weeks, with league members meeting every (for example) Thursday 7-9pm each week. Split-day leagues will operate the same way, with league members still meeting once weekly for an 8-week period. The largest difference between a normal and split-day league will be the number of league members each night. Rather than all the league members attending on the one night, a portion of the league members will be attending Wednesday Evenings, the remainder will be attending Thursday evenings. This allows us to have a larger league without conditions feeling cramped for participants. League members are still competing against each other’s scores, regardless of which week-day they attend leagues on.


When signing up, league members will pick the weekday that best suits their schedule. Participants that select Wednesday will attend leagues every Wednesday evening, participants that select Thursdays will attend league every Thursday evening.

If a league member misses their league night, they can attend their normal league night the following week as well as the other league night that week to make up for any missed matches.

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