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League Bulletin

Hey Everybody

This is Morgan over at The Firehouse.

I’m reaching out with good news, bad news, and just some general league news.

General News – After much deliberation, we’ve made the decision to make the Spring League a “split-day” league. Please use the following link to learn what exactly a split-day league consists of.


The Bad News – the start date for our Spring league has been finalized. Unfortunately, it has been pushed back from its original set start date. Our spring league will now start on either the 17th or 18th of April, depending on which day of the week you select to attend each week.


The Good News – We will be hosting a free mock-league night on Thursday April 4th (the original league start date) from 7-9pm.

Everyone is encouraged to come out and play! Scores from these matches will not apply to your spring league scores. This will just be a fun night to help everybody knock the rust off and get back in throwing shape before our league starts back up!


If everyone could do us a huge favor, if you already know you would like to participate in the spring league, please use the following link to register online.

This greatly helps us in planning as well as knowing which league day we need to focus our marketing on.

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